Modern African Art Hall

Written by Prof. Osman Elamin Shibir 

This is the Sudan, the symbolic reservoir of Africa.The sand and the jungle integrate. The dialects and the signals accumulate the colourful plumage and the flowery foliage with the insect communicate. Here is the virgin land that well inspires in life sobriety, art, internal harmony and external beauty. All these operate intrinsically to enrich our souls with the balanced activity, concept and perspective‘.


By such a reservoir my modest words are inspired. They are partially actuated to my child hood when tuned to the equatorial jungle as articulated by the Shuluk tongue in Malakal, the focus of congeniality between the north and South, where my father was working. The focus of my eye was on this colourful dignity. My spirit and heart were stimulated by these flowery formations where humidity was fanned by the flocks of birds, migrating throughout the four seasons by their beautiful wings. 

They create an impressive homogeneity with the Nilotoic African features to fill up my restless conscious. The forms created: still urge for satisfaction in my daily experience among the oblong facial features reflected in the blue water and sky viewed in dilating eyes with fresh smiles and pure hearts inspired by brimful feminism. 


My drawing and colours are empowered by these people. Such memories are like green trees that offer fruits in plenty without expecting any reward. Under these stimuli I shall always refrain from the frozen hooks baited by the critics to hunt creativity with hooks that imprison talents to me categorization is detestable. My pencil and colour textures are as instinctive as plant transportion. It is the natural tendency that inspires smelling the soil in natural environment. 

But I shall never shut the windows admitting expariate current in the village cosmos, where modern technology his drained the oceans and pounded the deserts to from a new world until my applied intellectual output borrows the odour in breath. The colour in my life, maintains the symmetrical interpretation as those utilized by the Sudanese in their clothing “daily operating tools and folklore applied art as a common Heritage. 

The architectural forms and combinations are moreover, borrowed in my works from the same Nilotic environment of Africa and the Sudanese particulars that flow in my blood inhaled

with the breath. I never tend to reproduce or copy my objects, as some do my performance in the inspiration of this fabulous environment interpreted by colours pottery in harmony, rhythm, contrast and multilateral features.


My pottery achievement is represented by domestic animals reared by the citizen in the south. Most prominent is the cow from which inspired their psychological and spiritual concepts. There they practise all such interpretation in their dancing and popular rhymes. Dancing complements life as an essential part thereof. Such interpretations with their symbolic interpretations have their distinct impression on my painting. They from the second and third. dimensions in several cases where The masterpieces adopt their life from what I observe while building up the pottery. Mud is the tiny component of my very existence.


The intimacy that has planted within my character towards the animal, the mammal and the jungle in the south, coupled to what is distinguishable in the north such as the drums, the flags and the religious adherence to the poor, have all contributed to distinguish my artistic, performance. The leisure, the ghosts and the moon have their province in my accumulation of all the mentioned above, from the unit that have developed in my loneliness, contemplation, revision of present formation incubated to hatch in my endless travels to renovate. 


The forms I create of clay urge tiny feeling and a sense of creation through his fingertips like a baby, .I lull to sleep while it communicates some profound ecstasy by the mere touch. After a consummated finish, a deep sad feeling creeps into me: the baby shall have to beincinerated! Yet the terminal process shall inspire some eternity. 

The artful constructions specialization enrich the working atmosphere. Despite the age distance, my pictures still are inspirations of art tuition post, Berlin lingers deeply on the beauty in the greenery and the European climate.The customs, traditions and discipline have taught me real values of life such as accuracy, concern and consid¢ration, the working spirit and the value of time. 


After all this experience in the fields of creativity emancipated over my studies in Europe and the Sudan north and south, may present my fruit of| practice to the others. This is my token of

gratitude expressed in detail of his life, offered to the others for evaluation.

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