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Prof. Felix Jacob, of Visual Arts Institute of Berlin in 1964 confided in me a wish. He was surprised that no African Artist published a book of Animal Drawing. He found that incredible; as Africa is rich in various animals. Through the years I held his wish dear to my heart and tried to fullfil it. The bookis in the processc and is a modest attempt towards that goal and a commemoration to my teacher!

In the Berlin University of the Arts I also received a Recommendation letter for Meister Class and a Scolarship from both of my mentors whom I respected and were great role models to me. For that I will be forever grateful. They made me who I am today as an Artist !! Thank you for giving me these opportunities and believing in me. Rest in peace Prof. Felix Jacob,  Rest in peace Prof. Walter Bergmann you will never be forgotton. Your former student Osman Shibir.

His Excellency Hamad Mohammed Humaid Salem Al Juneibi 

From (2015), is the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Thank you for honouring me with an invitation to speak on the celebrations of 50 years UAE. The topic was the next 50 years UAE Culturaly. I am grateful for the opportunity and felt very honoured and humbled for your appreciation and hospitality allowing me to address on such an important day. Thank you so much and I hope we meet again.

His Excellency Bruno Aubert

From  (2013 – 2017), was the Ambassadors of France to Sudan. Thank you your Excellency for taking the time and honouring the Nilotic Gallery with your Visit and presence and the wonderfull time I felt in your presence. Thank you for your appreciation. I hope we meet again someday!

His Excellency Joseph D. Stafford III

From  (Jun 2012 – Jan 2014), was the Ambassadors of the United States to Sudan. Thank you your Excellency for taking the time and honouring the Nilotic Gallery with your Visit and presence and making it a day for me to remember. Thank you for appreciating my work. I hope we meet again someday!


All Pictures © Copyright Prof. Osman Elamin Shibir

To all Shibirs my family, thank you for being so accepting ,tolerant ,supportive and believing in me and my visions.

Thank you to brother Omer Elamin Shibir for your support and incredible influence and input in my creative endeavors and opening my eyes to the world of High Quality Printing Design, printing my books and always wishing me well.

Thank you Fatma Shibir, Khadija Shibir and  Abubakir Shibir for the love,support and encouragment i received of you.

Thank you  Osman Hussein for enriching my life with Poetry and music.

Thank you Angelika Shibir for always having my back and supporting all my ideas and visions and allowing me to be. May you all rest in peace and be in heaven.

Thank you Ismail ShibirHagir Shibir and Ali Shibir for sharing my journey with me until today and supporting and encouraging me and always wishing me the best, I hope we will continue to share our life journey.

Thank you Salah Abdullahi for being my best friend and an incredible one too. Thank you for being one of my biggest supporters  of the Nilotic gallery and always finding time to support any projects at hand. Thank you for allways offering your high quality photography skills everytime i am in need and wishing me well.

To my five children, enjoy life, do what you love most, explore, stay interested and  be yourselves. Stay well and always stay connected to your medium in art but explore!!

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