Shibir Nilotic Gallery for Modern African Art

Our current Nilotic Gallery / Domicile Building that was designed and project managed by myself.
All Pictures and Designs © Copyright Prof. Osman Elamin Shibir

Future Design of the  

Shibir Nilotic Gallery For Modern African Art

I have created a design a while ago, how I visualize the Nilotic Gallery to be build and relocate in the Future .

My Dream is to create this space that I hope will inspire Scolars, Artists, Designers, Poets and Writers to endulge in more collaborations, research and share their experiences with the next generation.
My Concept of the Nilotic Gallery of African Modern Art would be the product of my artistic research work combined with  African Contemporary Art including Folklore and Craftmanship.
This would be my Homage to Africa!
Sincerely, Prof. Osman Elamin Shibir 

Some of my designs when I was a student that got exhibited in Berlin, Lausanne and my inspiration to the future gallery building.
All Pictures and Designs © Copyright Prof. Osman Elamin Shibir

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