Shibir Nilotic Gallery for Modern African Art

My Gallery is a space of ongoing Artistic Research that explores and studies traditional, folklore and basic African Art on Academic Level. A selection of some of these results are exhibited here. Enjoy the journey!  

Sincerely, Prof. Shibir

Prof. Osman Elamin Shibir

Previous Dean, Professor, Lecturer, Painter, Sculptor,  Designer, Illustrater, Head  of  Visual Artist Union Sudan, Graduate (Meisterschüler) from the Berlin University of the Arts (Germany)

Clay & The Holy Bull

Written by Prof. Osman Elamin Shibir

My early childhood has a remarkable impact on my present constitution, I used to construct of clay an intimate fanciful world. The various forms fascinated my imagination while building up the bull, the holy creature among the Nilotic tribes especially the Shuluk in Malakal. Those childish works still gain vitality in my contemporary artistry, flavored with considerable abstraction. 

Modern African Art Hall

Written by Prof. Osman Elamin Shibir

This is the Sudan, the symbolic reservoir of Africa. The sand and the jungle integrate. The dialects and the signals accumulate the colourful plumage and the flowery foliage with the insect communicate. Here is the virgin land that well inspires in life sobriety, art, internal harmony and external beauty. All these operate intrinsically to enrich our souls with the balanced activity, concept and perspective. 

Professional academic evaluations and personal views on my artistic research. Newspaper articles written by Prof. Ahmad Muhammad Shibrain and Prof. Hussein Gamman. Both considered as some of the Greatest Sudanese Scolars, Painters and Calligrahers. Rest in peace my dearest mentors. 

A Story of Creativity 

Written by Prof. Shibrain
Former Dean of the College of Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Khartoum (Sudan). 

Two occasions celebrated the confluence of a couple of phases in the history of applied art in this country: The first was a collective exhibition of brilliant artists, shading another of  juvenile painting. The latter was patiently collected from schools at Riyadh Locality titled "Brooding Creativity". Both festivals were inaugurated at Shibrain Gallery of the same quarters in Khartoum. The second was the great festival to open an exhibition of the renowned fine artist Mr. Shibir at the same gallery. This festival shall ever dig deep in the memory of Sudanese plastic artists. It was a phenomenon that is difficult, if ever possible, to recur by any individual figure among contemporaries.

Shibir Retains Status

Written by Prof. Gamman

Previous Dean and Head of – College of Fine & Applied Art, Khartoum (Sudan).

Osman Elamin Shibir once arrival from Malakal, where his father was working. He proudly joined the KTI, Khartoum Technical Institute. He had been talented enough to bring some of his clay masterpieces to tease his comrades. 

After decades of specialization we now look back to evaluate the youngster as a phenomenon, the vein of gold in a rock. Among us, his companions, Shibir was unique. His broad aptitude was a source of jealousy. During that fertile period appeared the critic, Denis Williams, who discovered the School of Khartoum in art. Among his treasures were some of Shibir’s masterpieces.