My soul is influenced by the individual characteristics of the African, Arab and European worlds.

Throughout my life, I have identified my own quintessence of core values through experience, which is reflected in myself (soul) and my artistic work in the form of simplicity, pride, honesty,  perfection and purity of heart. 

Artist Statement

Born in 1940 in Wad Medani, Sudan's northern region, I spent my formative years in Malakal, immersed in the vibrant tapestry of the Nile's landscapes and the captivating cultures of the Nilotic tribes – the Shuluk, Denka, and Nuer. It was amidst this backdrop of fine sand, dense jungle, and flowing river that my artistic journey began, painting and sculpting the lives and traditions of these indigenous peoples, particularly their revered sacred bull, a symbol reflected in rituals, dances, and worship.

Transitioning to Khartoum, I received my initial academic training at the Khartoum School of Art under the tutelage of pioneering figures like Professors Baghdadi, Williams, and Hawkins, alongside visionary peers such as Professors Shibrain and Jamaan. Furthering my education, I pursued a degree in exhibition design and painting at the Berlin University of the Arts in 1967, under the mentorship of Professors Jacob and Bergmann, notable artists in their own right. Returning to Sudan in 1970, I embarked on a professional journey as a chief designer at Khartoum University Press before transitioning to an academic role as a lecturer, professor, and dean at various institutions in the capital.
My artistic expression draws deeply from the shapes, movements, colors, and emotions of my childhood surroundings. Inspired by vivid dreams and persistent ideas, each artwork begins as a fleeting sketch, evolving as I immerse myself in the mediums of canvas and clay. Surrounded by my creations, I find solace and inspiration, continuously evolving and challenging myself to delve deeper into the essence of my heritage and identity.

My paintings offer intimate glimpses into my past and present, inviting viewers to contemplate the eternal truths encapsulated within each brushstroke. Eyes, for me, symbolize windows to the soul, conveying the essence and mystery of truth. The confluence of the blue and white Nile in Khartoum serves as a profound metaphor in my work, symbolizing tranquility, purity, and unity. Through my "white color philosophy," I transcend skin color, inviting viewers into a realm where humanity is universal.
Having dedicated years to introspective artistic exploration, I have developed a personal style I term "Free Drawing/Painting Surrealism," characterized by its depth, spontaneity, and emotive resonance. Emerging from this journey of self-discovery, I am eager to share my vision with a wider audience, fostering dialogue, exchange, and appreciation for indigenous African art on a global scale.

In seeking recognition , I aim to bridge cultures, inspire hope and celebrate the beauty of Sudanese and African heritage. My aspiration is to ignite a sense of pride and possibility, both within my homeland and beyond, fostering a legacy of creativity and enlightenment for generations to come.

Above all, I am driven by a profound sense of gratitude to those who have guided and inspired me along this artistic odyssey. It is my sincerest hope to pay tribute to their influence and support, enriching the lives of my family, friends, and students whom I have had the privilege of teaching for over five decades.